Essay about teenage pregnancy and schools

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  • However, despite information that is now available on safe sex 53 percent of young women are having, or have had, unprotected sex Chudnofsky
  • Most schools that have started these clinics that distribute birth control have had very positive results.
  • About half of high school students said that they have had sex, and nearly 60 percent of them report using protection in their last encounter.
  • A lot of people say that is not true.
  • In our modern society, safe sex has become a major concern in the United States.
  • It didn’t get kids to have sex, but it did get them to use condoms if they were already having sex.
  • Many studies have found that the number one age groups of teenagers that become pregnant are between the ages of 15 and
  • A lot of people say that is not true.

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