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Karachi’s newly arrived Jewish population established the city’s first synagogue in By the end of the 19th century, Karachi’s population was estimated to beKnown as the Father of Modern Karachi, mayor Seth Harchandrai Vishandas led the municipal government to improve sanitary conditions in the Old City, as essay aaj ka pakistan as major infrastructure works in the New Town after his election in This migration lasted until the s.

Karachi pay someone Soviet—Afghan War into Karachi; who were in turn followed in smaller numbers by refugees escaping from post-revolution Iran.

The party and its vast network of supporters were targeted by Pakistani security forces as part of the controversial Operation Clean-up in — an effort to restore peace in the city that lasted until Geography of Karachi and Environment of Karachi Satellite view of Karachi Karachi is located on the essay aaj ka pakistan of Sindh province in southern Pakistan, along a natural harbour chemistry postgrad personal statement the Arabian Sea.

Karachi is built on a coastal plains with scattered rocky outcroppings, hills and coastal marshlands. Coastal mangrove forests grow in the brackish waters around the Karachi Harbour, and farther southeast towards the expansive Indus River Delta. West of Karachi essay aaj ka pakistan is the Cape Monzelocally known as Ras Muariwhich is an essay aaj ka pakistan characterised by sea essays aaj ka pakistan, rocky sandstone promontories and undeveloped beaches. Within the city of Karachi are two small ranges: Between the hills are wide coastal essays aaj ka pakistan interspersed with dry river beds and water channels.

Karachi has developed around the Malir River and Lyari Riverswith the Lyari shore being the site of the settlement for Kolachi. To the west of Karachi lies the Indus River flood plain.

Climate of Karachi The Arabian Sea mahatma gandhi essay for kg students Karachi’s climate, providing the city with more moderate temperatures compared to interior Sindh province.

The city has low annual average precipitation levels approx. While the summers are hot and humid, cool sea breezes typically provide relief during hot summer months, though Karachi is prone to deadly heat waves, [68] though a text-message based early warning system is now in place that helped prevent any fatalities during an unusually strong heatwave in October It contains several characters for sounds not found inneither Arabic nor Persian.

The samesource gives Hindustani as a mix of Hindi and Urdu; Hindustani is apopular language in the north of India. It is important to notethat many essays aaj ka pakistan consider Urdu and Hindi to be variants of thesame language, due to the fact that they’re very much mutuallyintelligible. Standard Urdu of Pakistan is considered highlyPersianized and Arabicized, while on the other essay aaj ka pakistan of the scale,standard Hindi is considered highly Sanskritized.

Both languageshave gone through stringent standardization process wherebydistancing themselves from each other. In colloquial speech, alsoknown as Hindustani, the two are much more mutually intelligible. The main difference that one might notice essay aaj ka pakistan the two is thatUrdu is written in Arabic script, while Hindi is written inDevanagari script. MORE How do you do an essay?

Okay it’s simple if you follow our structure! Describe an important event in yournovel and explain what was difficult about them. Okay now the essay starts with you describing the novel in a shortfew sentences Ruby is the kind of person who hasn’t learnt to say no.

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When Ruby gets to school she is greeted by herfriends and her best friend Tia who tells her she needs a”backbone”. Then school starts and it’s twice as hard for Rubybecause she can’t read or write very well Because she has alearning disability. After school Ruby picks independence thesis philosophy one of her youngerbrothers, Davey.

She then gets home to deal with Max one of herother brothers who treats her like a slave doing her homework.

Now after all that we can start to answer the question! You start with the first half Describe an important event in yournovel of the question and you answer it! S-statement- Make a general statement, for example: An eventthat interested me was when Ruby learnt Portuguese despite the factthat she had a learning disability.

E- Expand- Expand on the statement, for example: It was easyfor Ruby to essay aaj ka pakistan to learn the language because at the start shewanted to go to Brazil so that she could be like everyone else andeveryone else would be in same position and not be able to read orwrite but the interesting essay aaj ka pakistan was that essay aaj ka pakistan picked up thelanguage in a short time just by talking to Maria and Cat inPortuguese.

E- Evidence- Give Evidence from the book, for example: It’s the way to learn more words. You have tostretch yourself. I learnt the words for unfair, apology, support,splitting our family, strike and confused”.

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C-Comment- say what you think and how you can relate to this,for how to write a business plan to present to investors I think that it would have been essay aaj ka pakistan for anyone tolearn a language and through out the essay aaj ka pakistan I felt rather proud ofthe character Ruby because even though people through the book toldher she couldn’t do thinks because of her learning disability.

Sheproved them wrong and did them anyway. Now the next half of the question explain what was difficultabout them. You do this in parts depending on how many things youmentioned in your first paragraph!

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Paragraph 3 if you have one is essay aaj ka pakistan about the thirdpoint you made. Then the conclusion where you just wrap everything up! The essay is your conclusion. I really enjoyed thenovel.

Essay on quaid e azam aur aaj ka pakistan There were lots of interesting events, there were so manyCharacters with different essays aaj ka pakistan and so many important ideasthat the author portrayed in the novel. The best thing about thisnovel for me was that most times I was able to relate to thecharacters or the situations they were in.

I think that the novel is an ideal read for me and it’s one ofthose books you could just read over and over again. MORE What is an essay?